Covid 19

In March, the Governor mandated specific restrictions on elective medical procedures. As these restrictions are lifted and we return to our new “normal”, we want to share some of the changes you will experience when visiting our office.  

We have used this time to research the safest possible office and dental environment we can provide. General dentistry faces a unique challenge in that we operate in a highly aerosolized environment. You are used to seeing us in gloves, masks, and PPE as dentistry has practiced Universal Precautions for Blood Borne Pathogens for decades, but in our return to a more normal schedule, we are transitioning with new equipment and protocols to also accommodate precautions for Airborne Pathogens. You will notice changes such as plastic barriers, new air filtration systems, UVC light disinfecting equipment, aerosol evacuation robots, slightly different protective clothing, and a new scheduling routine.


Please review your appointment reminder postcard carefully as appointment times may have changed slightly to accommodate these new protocols and to allow for more time for disinfection in between patients. We will also have a pre-appointment phone interview for medical updates and instructions about your appointment the day before you come in.  

We ask that you please be considerate to your fellow patients and our staff and adhere to the following protocols on the day of your appointment:

1) Masks covering your nose and mouth are mandatory at all times while you are in the building until you are asked to remove it for your appointment.

2) Please use the hand sanitizer located outside the front door before entering the building

3) All family members without appointments are asked to remain outside on the porch or in your vehicle. Exceptions to this rule are young children and/or patients that require extra help getting into the office.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we ask that if you have traveled within 72 hours prior to your appointment, please call to reschedule. If you have attended a large group gathering (ex. wedding, reunion, party, ect.) or participated in any high-risk social events, please consider postponing your appointment.

If anyone in your household has had direct contact with anyone confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19 or has had any symptoms within 14 days of your appointment, please call to reschedule.


Many of these protocols, along with PPE shortages and price gouging from manufacturers, have led to a significant increase in cost to keep our patients and staff safe. For this reason, there will be a separate charge titled “Airborne Protocol” for each visit in addition to your regular visit charges. We have opted to use this separate charge in lieu of raising our base fees as it is our hope that eventually this charge can be lowered or removed entirely.  

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding and we welcome your questions. As challenging as this time has been for us all, we are excited to problem solve and develop a new way of offering you the best and safest dental care possible. 

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